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publishing, distribution, & marketing

Taking your project from a concept to a finished product is often a painstaking process when trying to accomplish it alone. While you may be a gifted writer or musician, there are so many different aspects to bringing a finished, polished product into a very crowded maketplace. Pitbull has the knowledge and experience to help you get your final product produced in a high-quality, cost-effective manner.

Just a few of the services we offer at this stage:

  • Proof Editing (Books)
  • Formatting (Books)
  • Cover design (Books)
  • E-Book conversion
  • Copyright (Books/Music)
  • ISBN/UPC (Books/Music)
  • CD/case/sleeve design (Music)
  • Printing/Duplication (Books/Music)

You've finished your project! Great job! Now what? How do you get your 400 page spy thriller or bangin' tracks out to the masses? This is the process of distribution - getting your product on the market and in front of your customers. Pitbull has the plans (and distribution channels) in place to handle the wholesale and direct distribution of your printed book or e-Book. Music and audio cd distribution is in the works and will be available soon.

Pitbull is partnered with one of the industry's largest global distribution networks covering:

  • Independent bookstores
  • Online stores including Amazon & iTunes
  • Big chains
  • Little chains
  • e-book retailers
  • Local niche retailers
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • And just about anyone on the planet who sells (or is even thinking about selling) a book in any format.

We provide access to over 39,000 retailers, libraries, schools and universities - online and in stores. Our complete distribution package also includes safe, fast, reliable shipping and account management. Download the pdf below for more detailed information on the different distribution models and terminology you need to know.

So, your book is out there - why isn't it selling hundreds of copies every day? It's a good book and should be read by everyone! The problem is that your audience doesn't know that it's available. Yet!

Here is where the magic has to happen. Your book (or music) has to be announced to the world! Everyone needs to know what it's about, where it's available, how much it costs - all that jazz. This is where many authors fail. You may have written the next War and Peace, but it isn't going to sell many copies if no one knows it's out there.

This is where Pitbull's experience can help you shine. We can help promote and advertise your book through a variety of online and offline sources. Whether it's ramping up a social media campaign or setting up a local book signing - we can make it happen.

Promotional and advertising services can include:

  • Social Media campaigns
  • Online reviews
  • Book signings
  • Book readings
  • Local news releases
  • Printed promotional materials
  • Electronic & printed sell sheets
  • Website design & management

Pitbull was formed with the purpose of helping independent authors and musicians succeed. Plain and simple. If you achieve your goals, then we have met ours as well.

The goals you set for your project are as unique as the plan we will come up with to help you succeed. And while not every book or musical composition is a commercial success, we will work with you to maximize all of the resources which are available.