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Pitbull Publishing evolved from services which were already being provided to our clients through our parent company, Smart Business Solutions LLC and was established as a separate entity in 2016. We were involved in various aspects of projects for our clients, such as designing cover art, copyrighting, creating interior layouts, formatting, and printing of books and music cd's. We realized that we could be an invaluable resource for independent artists throughout the entire publication process. By utilizing our experience with design and layout and combining it with our knowledge of online promotion and sales, we can now offer a variety of services to help an artist get their finished product to their fans.

Our goal is to provide artists with the knowledge, services, and support they need to publish, promote, and distribute their project.

Pitbull can provide you with as many services as you need to help reach your goals. Our services can be retained for a specific task (copyrighting or ISBN/barcode generation) or as a more comprehensive package (promotional and advertising).

Please see our "Services" page for a complete listing of all of the things we can help you with to make your project come to life.

When you are ready to explore your options, simply call or email us to set up a free, no-obligation meeting to discuss your project and goals.

Pitbull Publishing: (570) 458-5890

Smart Business Solutions began in 2005 as a small design and print brokerage firm. Over the past twelve years, we have designed and managed websites for over 30 local businesses (including 4 non-profits) and have completed hundreds of design and/or print projects for over 50 clients ranging from health care to sporting goods. As our clients have grown and technology has changed over the years, we re-organized our business in 2016 so we could offer expanded services to meet the current needs of our clients more effectively.

We are here to provide you with the highest quality products at a fair price delivered with uncompromising customer service. We are dedicated to helping your business reach it's full potential.

How are we different? We are here to help your business succeed. Cliché, right? Everyone says they want you to succeed. It's not cliché, it's pure selfishness on our part. If your business is a success and we are a part of that, then we did our job properly. That makes us a success. If you fail, we have failed you.

One benefit to working with us is we will come to your business during a time that is convenient for you. Or we can meet at the local coffee shop after hours or before you start your day. Whatever works best for you. We are at your service.