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Pitbull Publishing evolved from services which were already being provided to our clients through our parent company, Smart Business Solutions LLC and was established as a separate entity in 2016. We were involved in various aspects of projects for our clients, such as designing cover art, copyrighting, creating interior layouts, formatting, and printing of books and music cd's. We realized that we could be an invaluable resource for independent artists throughout the entire publication process. By utilizing our experience with design and layout and combining it with our knowledge of online promotion and sales, we can now offer a variety of services to help an artist get their finished product to their fans.

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Smart Business Solutions LLC

Smart Business Solutions began in 2005 as a small design and print brokerage firm. Over the past twelve years, we have designed and managed websites for over 30 local businesses (including 4 non-profits) and have completed hundreds of design and/or print projects for over 50 clients ranging from health care to sporting goods. As our clients have grown and technology has changed over the years, we re-organized our business in 2016 so we could offer expanded services to meet the current needs of our clients more effectively.

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publishing, distribution, & marketing


Getting your work published

Taking your project from a concept to a finished product is often a painstaking process when trying to accomplish it alone. While you may be a gifted writer or musician, there

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Getting your work to your fans

You've finished your project! Great job! Now what? How do you get your 400 page spy thriller or bangin' tracks out to the masses? This is the process of distribution - getting your

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Getting your fans to your work

So, your book is out there - why isn't it selling hundreds of copies every day? It's a good book and should be read by everyone! The problem is that your audience doesn't know

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Getting your goals accomplished

Pitbull was formed with the purpose of helping independent authors and musicians succeed. Plain and simple. If you achieve your goals, then we have met ours as well.

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Latest Titles

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  • by Zachary Weaver
  • Fiction/Fantasy/Urban
  • Retail: $17.99


  • by Zachary Weaver
  • Fiction/Fantasy/Urban
  • Retail: $14.99

A Cat's Point of Mew

  • by Mary A. Harrington
  • Fiction/Family
  • Retail: $4.99


  • by Robert P. Harrington
  • Music/Instrumental/Piano
  • Retail: $8.99